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* Available from Gloucestershire Library


CPLHG Publications about Chalford Parish 


Chalford Parish in 42 Stories (2018) Edited by Camilla Boon, Hilary Burgess and Roger Carnt* Private Publication. Price £10. Available at local shops (Chalford Community Shop, Kings Head Pub, Bisley Greenshop), CPLHG meetings or CPLHG Committee members.


A Parish at War: Brownshill, Bussage, Chalford and France Lynch 1914-1919 (2016) Camilla Boon, Hilary Burgess, Roger Carnt, Heather Collins, Peter Drover and Juliet Stewart. Private publication.*



Other Publications about Chalford Parish 


France Lynch in 1800 (2010) David Martin, private publication


The Vernacular Architecture of Buildings of Stroud and Chalford (2006) Nigel Patterson *


Voices of Chalford, Bisley and Bussage (2004) Tamsin Treverton Jones, (Tempus Oral History Series) *


A Light on the Hill: 150 years of St John the Baptist Church, France Lynch 1857-2007 (2007) private publication


Chalford to Sapperton (1986, repr 2006) Stanley Gardiner, Tempus *


Historical Records of Bisley with Lypiatt, (1937, repr 2008) Mary Rudd, Amberley Publishing *


The Dry Stone Walls in the Chalford Area, Notes on the History, Repair, Maintenance and Ownership of the Walls [The Chalford Village Walls Project] (1999) Janet Gaskell and Nigel Paterson


On Coppice Hill, stories about Baptist Tabernacle (1997) Graham Hobbs


It began in a Cottage: the History of the Baptist Cause in Chalford (1995) Stanley Gardiner, private publication


Chalford Guide (1985) Chalford Parish Council *



Chalford Blows a Century:History Of Chalford Band 1885-1995 (1985) David Godwin, Ron Gardiner


Victoria Joinery Works: A history of Chalford Chairs (?) Hammond


The Valley, Chalford (1915) Stroudwater Thames & Severn Canal Series no 6


The Hills of Childhood, Personal recollections of a childhood in 1930’s Chalford (1985) Jean Kyle, Stroud: Sycamore Studies *


Chalford Place: a History of the House and Its Clothier Families (1979) Juliet Shipman Honeyhills Press *


Chalford Parish, South Cotswolds, Gloucestershire (1972) Gloucester: British Publishing Co *


A Short History and Tales of France Lynch (1957) France Lynch W.I.


Willum Wurkman’s Wit & Wisdom Tales In Dialect Of Chalford Hill (1905) G Edmund Hall



Publications covering areas adjacent to Chalford Parish


Sapperton Canal Tunnel (2014) Graham Hobbs for the Cotswold Canals Trust, Burcombe Publishing *


Oil Lamp and Candle: life in Eastcombe in the 30’s and 40’s (1999) Phyllis Gaston, private publication *


The unknown Cotswold village: Eastcombe 1500-1980 (1981) Malcolm Lambert and Juliet Shipman *


Bisley: A Cotswold Village Remembered, 1860-1945, (1991) Juliet Shipman, Sutton Publishing *


Rural Sacrifice (2014) Nick Thornicroft *


Oakridge, A History (2005) Pat Carrick, Kay Rhodes, Juliet Shipman, Playne Books *


Minchinhampton and Amberley through time (2009) Howard Beard *



Publications covering the general area including Chalford Parish


Notes and recollections of Stroud (2004 reprint of 1871 publication) Paul Hawkins Fisher, Sutton Publishing *


Wool and Water, the Gloucestershire Woollen Industry and its Mills (2012) Jennifer Tann, The History Press *


The Stroudwater Riots of 1825 (1993) John Loosley, Ian Mackintosh and Kenneth Southgate, Stroud Museum Association *


Victoria History of County of Gloucester Vol XI: 18 parishes of the Cotswold hundreds of Bisley and Longtree (1976) Ed. N M Herbert *


Non-conformist Chapels & Meeting-houses – Gloucestershire (1986) Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England


Stroudwater & Thames & Severn Canals From Old Photographs (2013) Edwin Cuss & Mike Mills, Amberley Publishing •


Thames & Severn Canal Through Time (2013) David Viner, Amberley *


The Stroudwater canal: a History (2013) Michael Handford, Amberley *


The Thames and Severn Canal (2009) Humphrey Household, Alan Sutton/Amberley Publishing *


Lest Ye Forget The Stroud District and its part in the Great War 1914-1919 (2010) Charles Townley *


Survey of GWR Stations Vol 13 (1981) RH Clark


Pubs of the old Stroud Brewery (1996) Ralph Merrett *


Gloucestershire place names (2009) Anthony Poulton-Smith *


Dialect and folk phrases of the Cotswolds (2008) John Smyth, Amberley Publishing *


Murders and misdemeanours in Gloucestershire 1820-1829 (2008) Malcolm Hall, Amberley *

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