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* Available from Gloucestershire Library


CPLHG Publications about Chalford Parish 


Return to War, Bisley and Chalford Civil Parishes 1939-1945 (2021) Camilla Boon, Roger Carnt, Heather Collins and Peter Drover. Private Publication. Price £10. Available at Chalford Village Shop, Eastcombe Stores, Oakridge Shop, The Green Shop Bisley and Chalford Parish Centre.


Chalford Heritage Trail (2020) Peter Ashcroft, Jim Bocock, Camilla Boon, Hilary Burgess, Roger Carnt, John Dawson, Trevor Ford, Ian Mackintosh, Meg Powell and Jennifer Tann. Private Publication. Price £1. Available at Chalford Village Shop or CPLHG Committee members. [Please note that since publication, we have discovered that the final paragraph on page 28 is completely untrue and CPLHG is extremely sorry for this error]


Chalford Parish in 42 Stories (2018) Edited by Camilla Boon, Hilary Burgess and Roger Carnt* Private Publication. Price £10. Reprinted March 2022. Available through this website’s ‘Contacts’ or CPLHG Committee members.


A Parish at War: Brownshill, Bussage, Chalford and France Lynch 1914-1919 (2016) Camilla Boon, Hilary Burgess, Roger Carnt, Heather Collins, Peter Drover and Juliet Stewart. Private publication. Reprinted April 2022.*



Other Publications about Chalford Parish 


France Lynch in 1800 (2010) David Martin, private publication


The Vernacular Architecture of Buildings of Stroud and Chalford (2006) Nigel Patterson *


Voices of Chalford, Bisley and Bussage (2004) Tamsin Treverton Jones, (Tempus Oral History Series) *


A Light on the Hill: 150 years of St John the Baptist Church, France Lynch 1857-2007 (2007) private publication


Chalford to Sapperton (1986, repr 2006) Stanley Gardiner, Tempus *


Historical Records of Bisley with Lypiatt, (1937, repr 2008) Mary Rudd, Amberley Publishing *


The Dry Stone Walls in the Chalford Area, Notes on the History, Repair, Maintenance and Ownership of the Walls [The Chalford Village Walls Project] (1999) Janet Gaskell and Nigel Paterson


On Coppice Hill, stories about Baptist Tabernacle (1997) Graham Hobbs


It began in a Cottage: the History of the Baptist Cause in Chalford (1995) Stanley Gardiner, private publication


Chalford Guide (1985) Chalford Parish Council *



Chalford Blows a Century:History Of Chalford Band 1885-1995 (1985) David Godwin, Ron Gardiner


Victoria Joinery Works: A history of Chalford Chairs (?) Hammond


The Valley, Chalford (1915) Stroudwater Thames & Severn Canal Series no 6


The Hills of Childhood, Personal recollections of a childhood in 1930’s Chalford (1985) Jean Kyle, Stroud: Sycamore Studies *


Chalford Place: a History of the House and Its Clothier Families (1979) Juliet Shipman Honeyhills Press *


Chalford Parish, South Cotswolds, Gloucestershire (1972) Gloucester: British Publishing Co *


A Short History and Tales of France Lynch (1957) France Lynch W.I.


Willum Wurkman’s Wit & Wisdom Tales In Dialect Of Chalford Hill (1905) G Edmund Hall



Publications covering areas adjacent to Chalford Parish


Sapperton Canal Tunnel (2014) Graham Hobbs for the Cotswold Canals Trust, Burcombe Publishing *


Oil Lamp and Candle: life in Eastcombe in the 30’s and 40’s (1999) Phyllis Gaston, private publication *


The unknown Cotswold village: Eastcombe 1500-1980 (1981) Malcolm Lambert and Juliet Shipman *


Bisley: A Cotswold Village Remembered, 1860-1945, (1991) Juliet Shipman, Sutton Publishing *


Rural Sacrifice (2014) Nick Thornicroft *


Oakridge, A History (2005) Pat Carrick, Kay Rhodes, Juliet Shipman, Playne Books *


Minchinhampton and Amberley through time (2009) Howard Beard *



Publications covering the general area including Chalford Parish


Notes and recollections of Stroud (2004 reprint of 1871 publication) Paul Hawkins Fisher, Sutton Publishing *


Wool and Water, the Gloucestershire Woollen Industry and its Mills (2012) Jennifer Tann, The History Press *


James Smart of Chalford:Working Life on the Cotswolds Canals and Linked Waterways (2020) Hugh Conway-Jones, Lightmoor



The Stroudwater Riots of 1825 (1993) John Loosley, Ian Mackintosh and Kenneth Southgate, Stroud Museum Association *


Victoria History of County of Gloucester Vol XI: 18 parishes of the Cotswold hundreds of Bisley and Longtree (1976) Ed. N M Herbert *


Non-conformist Chapels & Meeting-houses – Gloucestershire (1986) Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England


Stroudwater & Thames & Severn Canals From Old Photographs (2013) Edwin Cuss & Mike Mills, Amberley Publishing •


Thames & Severn Canal Through Time (2013) David Viner, Amberley *


The Stroudwater canal: a History (2013) Michael Handford, Amberley *


The Thames and Severn Canal (2009) Humphrey Household, Alan Sutton/Amberley Publishing *


Lest Ye Forget The Stroud District and its part in the Great War 1914-1919 (2010) Charles Townley *


Survey of GWR Stations Vol 13 (1981) RH Clark


Pubs of the old Stroud Brewery (1996) Ralph Merrett *


Gloucestershire place names (2009) Anthony Poulton-Smith *


Dialect and folk phrases of the Cotswolds (2008) John Smyth, Amberley Publishing *


Murders and misdemeanours in Gloucestershire 1820-1829 (2008) Malcolm Hall, Amberley *


Turnpike Houses of the Stroud District (1967) Christopher Cox, Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society , Vol. 86, 118-150


Milestones of the Stroud District (1964) Christopher Cox, From the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society Milestones of the Stroud District by C. Cox 1964, Vol. 83, 119-142


The development and decline of the turnpike system in the Stroudwater area of Gloucestershire 1725-1875 (1987) Christopher Cox, PhD thesis, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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