Our constitution was revised at the Annual General Meeting on 18 October 2019.









  1. The name of the group shall be ‘Chalford Parish Local History Group’ [hereafter called

CPLHG]. The Constitution will be available on the CPLHG website but a hard copy will be

available from the Secretary.


  1. Aims

(a) To hold regular meetings, visits or walks with a local history theme.

(b) To encourage and aid members’ research.

(c) To act as a conduit for members’ research which might include a newsletter or website

as well as at Group meetings.

(d) To run local history projects and promote further activities as the CPLHG sees fit.


  1. Committee

(a) The Committee shall consist of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, together with up to five

Committee Members. They shall be elected from members of the CPLHG each year at the


(b) The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Group, including

arranging meetings, outings and other events to further the aims of the Group.

(c) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three members per year.

(d) The officers will ordinarily serve for three years but may continue in office after this provided that they are re-elected.


  1. Membership

(a) Membership of the CPLHG shall be open to all, subject to the payment of an annual

membership subscription proposed by the Committee and agreed at each AGM.

(b) The Committee has the power to rescind membership.


  1. Finance

(a) The annual subscription as fixed at the AGM shall be payable no later than six weeks

following the AGM or on becoming a member of CPLHG.

(b) A meeting subscription shall be payable [non-members to pay more], as fixed at the

AGM, to cover the cost of hire of the room, refreshments and speaker.

(c) The Treasurer shall keep a record of all financial transactions and prepare annual (except

the first period) accounts (except that first account) with comparisons to the previous year

(except first accounts) to be presented at the AGM. These shall be in a form suitable for

independent witness examination if so required by the Committee.

(d) For the signing of cheques etc., up to four signatories shall be appointed, two of whom

must sign each cheque. These two signatories must not be related to each other.

(e) In the event of CPLHG being dissolved any monies remaining shall be donated to an

appropriate organisation agreed at the AGM or EGM at which the dissolution is agreed.


  1. Group Year

The year of the Group and membership shall run from 1st September to the ensuing 31st



  1. Meetings

(a) Meetings shall normally be held monthly and organised by the Committee. The aim is a

mixture of meetings with a speaker, discussion on topics of local history research and

occasional outings.

(b) Information regarding the meetings [dates, venues and titles] shall be circulated by the


(c) The Group shall hold an Annual General Meeting [AGM] each year, within 8 weeks of the

year end of the Group, at which the Chairman shall present an annual report and the

Treasurer shall present the statement of accounts for the previous year.

(d) The AGM shall elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and five committee members. In

the event of multiple nominations [duly seconded] in excess of available places a ballot shall

be held to determine which of the nominees shall be elected.

(e) Extraordinary General Meetings [EGM] may be called to discuss special business at the

discretion of the Committee or the request of ten members of the Society.

(f) Three weeks’ notice of an AGM or EGM to be given by the Committee to the membership

by the most appropriate means.


  1. Constitution

Amendments to this Constitution may only be made at an AGM or EGM with a minimum of

12 members present and then only with a two thirds majority vote.

This Constitution is effective from the AGM on 21 September 2016 amended on 20

September 2017.


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