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Please use the Contact Form with any queries relating to Brownshill, Bussage, Chalford, Chalford Hill or France Lynch. Unresolved questions may be posted here.


June 2017.  Assoc. Prof. Andrew C. Rouse, for the University of Pécs in Hungary has asked if there might be a link between Chalford and a little village called Csáford in Hungary, just west of Lake Balaton. There is a local story there that an English medieval knight, returning from the Crusades, performed a service for the Hungarian king and gave him land. On the recent death of his mother he found in her address book a contact in Chalford. He wonders if this is a coincidence? Or did the mysterious English knight, on receiving his fiefdom in Hungary, name it after the place he had left in England? Andrew will be in the area in late June so any ideas welcome.




April 2017.  We (CPLHG) have received a query from Derelie Cherry and family – they are coming to England this summer and will be staying at Minchinhampton for 4 nights from 18th June to visit an elderly cousin (Grace Halford) who lives at Brimscombe. Derelie’s birth mother’s family (name of Shilham) came from Chalford and she is interested in finding out as much as she can about the Shilham family who lived in Cowcombe Woods probably in the 1890s. We know that Henry Shilham was living there in 1903. Frank Shilham (born 1895), son of Harry and Matilda Shilham (we don’t know for certain of a link here)  worked as an engineer at Daniels before joining the Gloucs Regiment. He died on October 13th 1915 near Loos.

Fanny Shilham, who is Derelie’s grandmother, married 3 times – firstly to Harry (perhaps Harold) Munday with whom she came out to Australia from England in 1912 on the boat the ‘SS Gothic’. Her second husband was James Robert Graves (Derelie’s grandfather -maybe originally from Glasgow) and after he died she married Soloman Rabin, with whom she visited Mis Halford in 1963. Please get in touch if you can help.



January 2017. Query from Rupert Peploe about the Webb Family
“I have been doing quite a bit of research into the ancient and very interesting Gloucestershire Webb family of clothiers/weavers who were settled along the Stroud valley and its tributaries.  By tradition they descend from a group of 70 Flemish families who were encouraged to settle around England in 1330 by Edward lll. Apparently the weavers of the Gloucestershire beat all the competition, and the best of them all was given the name of Webb and a coat of arms by the King. By the late 17th Century they had proliferated and held numerous prosperous mills in the area, but my research does indeed suggest they do converge to a common ancestor in the early 14th century! Their coat of arms can be seen on many dusty church monuments along the Stroud Valley.  By the nineteenth century the cloth industry had gone into decline and many of these now impoverished Webbs moved away and into different professions. It is therefore very difficult to find Webbs about now who can trace their roots back to this this ancient clothier family.  However the Webb One Name family history group has information from a Richard Webb of Chalford (born around 1855) who in the 1920s gave a series of talks about his family history, and his two sons Jesse and Frank Webb are mentioned on the The Great War and Chalford Forum.  (Francis Joseph Webb)
I just wondered if you knew any of his descendants who still lived in the village who might be interested and be able to provide further information please.  It would be great to be able to link them up to my family tree.
My family were Webbs before they changed their name to Peploe in 1845 and I can trace them back to a mill owner at Eastington in 1440.”




October 2016. We (CPLHG) had a query sent to us via the Parish Council from Shirley Wheatley from County Galway Ireland, who was born in May 1949 at the Bunch of Nuts, Marle Hill Chalford to Ruby and Bill Tombs.   Her Grandfather drowned in the River Frome at Brimscombe in the August of the same year. It seems that at the time she was living at 14, New Buildings, Chalford Hill (thought to be council houses). Does anyone have any idea where this was please? Please get in touch if you can help.




October 2016. John Parsons would like to find out more about the artist Joseph Albert Colquhoun Morrison (1882-1964) who lived in Chalford from 1929/30. His landscape of Chalford normally hangs in the village hall. During restoration it was found to be mounted over a portrait of an unknown youngish woman surrounded by soft toys. Morrison seems to have been a school master (not known where) and was an active member of the Conservative party, but little else is known about him. Please get in touch if you can help.





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